Exhibiting at the Dallas Market Center

Exhibiting at the Dallas Market Center

I haven’t been on my blog in awhile (I’m so sorry!). I have been a busy gal. I just wanted to share this picture from inside the World Trade Center in Dallas, TX. I’m here with In Style Metal doing business! This place is huge and filled with so many wholesale stores. What an experience this has been!


What is your idea of success?


I have had many people in life who believe in me and my potential for success. That belief has been a major source of motivation for me as well. Not a day goes by that I do not think about my future and where I hope to be in 5 years. Unfortunately, the desire to be more successful has sent me in a downward spiral of depression.

There has consistently been people who tell me how I should pursue objectives in life in order to be a success. This constant support has created a sense of urgency within me. This urgency has then made each day feel like a failure. Allow me to elaborate:

A coworker asks me at the beginning of the day if I had found a better job yet. Then, later that evening a family member tells me that I need to go back to school. Not only go back to school, but go to a “better” one than I went to before. At the end of the day I go back to my tiny apartment and reflect on how I haven’t moved forward yet. My bank accounts are nearly empty, my refrigerator is hardly stocked, there are job rejection emails in my inbox, and there are bills waiting to be paid.

I wake up the next morning and hit repeat.

A few days ago, a close friend of mine had noticed that I was no longer “Miss Optimistic” and instead now “Miss Gloom”. I had always been the bright and happy girl at work. I had a glow and a sense that everything will always be okay. Recently however, my appearance and attitude gave the impression that I was facing many internal struggles. My friend then told me something that would change the way I see myself and my current state of life:

“You completed a four-year college degree in two, you have a job that can at least pay the bills, a boyfriend that loves you, a family nearby, and are able to occasionally enjoy what the city has to offer. To me, that is doing well.”

She was right. I may not have achieved everything I want to obtain right now, but I am off to a decent start. I am proud of myself and the obstacles I have overcome.

I have not always done things the way others think they should be done. Furthermore, I will continue to complete stages in life the way I see fit for me.

In conclusion, I still believe in myself. That is success.

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