Writer’s Block

I have been experiencing the famous “writer’s block” since entering into the holiday season this year. I’m not sure why, as the holidays should be a great source of writing inspiration. With family get-togethers, meetups with friends, holiday parties, work, job searching, soul searching, and gift shopping, you’d think I’d have at least something to write about!

Since I am unable to creatively come up with an idea, I will talk about my weekend adventures. It all started Friday evening at the company holiday party…

My friend (and coworker) and I strolled into the hotel in our high heels and bright lipstick ready to mingle. We felt fabulous and really needed a fun night after a long week at work. Heads turned as we waltzed into the ballroom, and from that moment I knew it would be a good night.

The ballroom was dimly lit with disco lights hovering over the dance floor located directly in the center. My first objective was to visit the bar and get a drink to loosen myself up.  I stood in line, took in the environment, and told myself, “You will not get drunk tonight.” After my friend (let’s call her Jane) and I received our drinks, we headed out to find a table. It didn’t take long for my high heels to send a throbbing pain through my feet.

Jane found a table that was occupied by some of our department coworkers. The only seat left for me was by one of our supervisor’s. I like all of my supervisor’s, but for some reason being outside the office next to a supervisor made me nervous. I had to yell over the loud music in order make awkward small talk. Before I knew it, my wine glass was already empty. I gave Jane a look and tilted my head towards the bar to hint that I wanted to refill my glass. Being on the same wave length, we both got up and headed over.

“Don’t worry Kayla, this round is on me.” Jane suggested, knowing that I had forgotten to bring cash to the cash-only bar. I felt lucky to have a friend who was as broke as I am willing to buy me an over-priced beverage. I chose a beer this time because it was the cheapest item on the menu. We headed to the dance floor after obtaining our second round to visit with a woman from HR. She had begun dancing by herself as soon as we walked up.

“Hello ladies! Let’s dance!”

Jane and I looked at each other in defeat and followed the woman out onto the dance floor. I had promised myself I would not dance in front of the people I work with. However, I didn’t want to be a party-pooper either. I took a couple swigs of my beer to boost my confidence and help my hips swing. Several songs later my bottle was empty and I needed to relax my feet.

I plopped down at a table and let out a sigh of relief. It didn’t take long before we found another coworker who wanted to hit the dance floor with us. There we were again, smiling, laughing, and dancing the night away.

Jane is an avid smoker, and each time she left me to run outside and grab a puff, someone was at my side putting another beer in my hand. Everyone around me was already drunk, so I knew I had to take it a little slower. I didn’t want to go to work Monday feeling ashamed. Fortunately, after a night of dancing, drinking, and socializing with coworkers, my boyfriend gave me the call letting me know he was outside waiting to pick us up.

Jane was out on the smokers balcony consoling a fellow coworker who was in a state of drunken depression. I found her and said, “Jane, our ride is here. We need to go!” I could tell she didn’t want to leave our coworker alone in their current state of mind. My boyfriend was outside waiting though, and we both knew we owed him for offering to be our designated driver. We broke away and headed outside. As soon as we buckled up in the car we burst out laughing and recalling all of the night’s events. It only took 10 minutes into the car ride when I realized I was actually drunk.

Saturday morning I inevitably woke up with a hangover. Despite my headache, I couldn’t help but smile. I had a great time 🙂


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