Emergency Broadcast!

I need to address an alarmingly growing trend. There can be a stop to this madness, but the power comes from within. People of the world, I call out to you now! If you’re a disheartened, stubburn, stressed out individual, please help yourself! Only you possess the power to make the change. Here are a few guided steps:

1. If you keep getting the same results, change the way you handle to the problem!

2. Stop seeing yourself as the victim. See yourself as a strong person who can make positive changes.

3. No problem is the end of the world; Unless the end of the world is the problem!

4. Stop asking for the same advice. You should listen to it the first time!

5. Stop sitting around waiting for the world to change. Be the change.

6. Be open to new ideas.

7. Accept the fact that you are not always right.

8. Have a positive attitude.

9. Have problems? Fix them!

10. If you don’t know the answer, look for one.

Time is running out, so act soon!

This emergency broadcast has been brought to you by The Broke Savvy Blonde.

Have any other advice? Share below!


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