It’s my Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Okay, maybe I won’t be crying, but I do want to address a problem and ask for advice.

A little over a year ago I landed a job at a major hotel and resorts company. The job wasn’t anything glamorous and hardly required any experience (Do you know how to work a computer? Great! You’re hired!). I took this job to get myself out of unemployment after I graduated college, as the film industry wasn’t working out as I had hoped.

My job is okay. I get my own cubicle, flexible hours, free weekends, hotel discounts, and enough money to at least pay the bills. However, a few months ago I realized I was getting too comfortable. What about my dreams? Why did I stop trying to land a job in a career field that I graduated college for? I was so happy that I was able to get a job after months of rejection and false promises in film that I forgot to keep trying.

My coworkers are great, and are so kind to remind me of my potential. They honestly believe that one day I could run the place! Yet, I feel so mediocre. My friends, family, and coworkers believe in me, yet I keep failing to get a job that I truly want.

I’ve been applying and interviewing for new jobs since my realization a few months ago. I also keep getting rejected. Not to mention, I’ve lost track of what I really want to do anymore. I’m in a rut.

Each interview I have done has asked me the same question, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Well shoot, I don’t even know where I see myself next month! However, I give them all a different answer about how I see myself successfully growing with their company in whatever department I happened to apply for.

What do I want to do with my life? Music? Video Games? Fashion? Film again? Writing?


I love writing. I would be happy with a career in writing. If I weren’t rejected for the social media job earlier for not having blogging experience, I would have never figured this out. I have always enjoyed writing, but I never loved it as much as I have since starting this blog. I’m going to consider that job rejection as a little blessing in disguise.

So now, how does a person go about obtaining a job without prior professional writing experience? Any tips from my lovely readers?



2 thoughts on “It’s my Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want to

  1. Here’s the advice, just prepare the answer for one question, Where do you see yourself after x years. 😉 🙂 Since I have gone through this and have also taken some interviews, this question is just to see your clarity and are you going to be there for a long term. You don’t have to tell exactly where you want to be, just a rough idea, for example I see myself working as manager of the same domain I’m applying for so that I could provide better help to people like me. 😀


    • That is a great idea and I appreciate your input! I think my desire to have a job that pays well fogged my judgement of having a job that means something to me too. I like your suggestion of having a “rough” idea rather than a specific plan as well. I’ve been told before that I “think too much” about things and It causes me not to see the big picture.
      Thank you for your advice!


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