No wine? Oh my! recently reported that global wine production has fallen by 5%. This news frightened me. I had to pinch myself after reading the article hoping that it was just a bad dream. Unfortunately, it’s real. However, there has been some speculation on whether or not “wine shortage” is too dramatic in describing the industry’s current economy. claims that there is plenty of wine to go around, despite certain countries having bad weather conditions that resulted in a loss of some crops. Martha C. White, from NBC News, wrote in her article, “This could mean higher prices for higher-end wines from some appellations, but prices are less likely to rise on cheaper wines…”.

Hallelujah! I can only afford cheap wines, so this comes as great news for myself. For those of you who enjoy having a glass of Bordeaux, you may not be so lucky.

For the heck of it, let’s take a look at what the world would be like if wine was suddenly to experience a major shortage:

1. “Cheap wine” would no longer be cheapMy lovely wine rack

This idea sends a chill down my spine. I would be forced to decide whether a full fridge or full wine rack was more important. Oh wait; I already have an empty fridge and full wine rack. Nevertheless, this is still a terrifying thought for those of us with slim wallets.

2. Wines from certain countries would become rare

If there was a wine shortage due to bad weather, we may see less wines whose grapes all came from the country they are produced in. For example, if France was unable to produce enough grapes, they may be forced to import grapes from, let’s say, the United States. This is assuming that vineyards would prefer to sell mixed grape wines rather than shut down. Sharing is caring, am I right?

3. Restaurants would charge even more on their already overpriced wine selections

I find it ridiculous that a restaurant will charge $7 for a glass of Beringer when I can buy a whole bottle for $4 at the grocery store. However, we may miss being charged $7 if that price rose to $10! People may become more familiar with the term “pre-game“.

4. We’ll start hiding our wine when our friends come over

Remember in high school when a kid would open up a pack of gum and everyone hoarded around and begged for a piece too? Enough said.

Fellow wine-lovers, let’s use this news as an excuse to buy more wine and enjoy it more often. We never know how long it may last!

What do you think would happen? Share your ideas below!


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