Emergency Broadcast!

I need to address an alarmingly growing trend. There can be a stop to this madness, but the power comes from within. People of the world, I call out to you now! If you’re a disheartened, stubburn, stressed out individual, please help yourself! Only you possess the power to make the change. Here are a few guided steps:

1. If you keep getting the same results, change the way you handle to the problem!

2. Stop seeing yourself as the victim. See yourself as a strong person who can make positive changes.

3. No problem is the end of the world; Unless the end of the world is the problem!

4. Stop asking for the same advice. You should listen to it the first time!

5. Stop sitting around waiting for the world to change. Be the change.

6. Be open to new ideas.

7. Accept the fact that you are not always right.

8. Have a positive attitude.

9. Have problems? Fix them!

10. If you don’t know the answer, look for one.

Time is running out, so act soon!

This emergency broadcast has been brought to you by The Broke Savvy Blonde.

Have any other advice? Share below!


It’s my Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Okay, maybe I won’t be crying, but I do want to address a problem and ask for advice.

A little over a year ago I landed a job at a major hotel and resorts company. The job wasn’t anything glamorous and hardly required any experience (Do you know how to work a computer? Great! You’re hired!). I took this job to get myself out of unemployment after I graduated college, as the film industry wasn’t working out as I had hoped.

My job is okay. I get my own cubicle, flexible hours, free weekends, hotel discounts, and enough money to at least pay the bills. However, a few months ago I realized I was getting too comfortable. What about my dreams? Why did I stop trying to land a job in a career field that I graduated college for? I was so happy that I was able to get a job after months of rejection and false promises in film that I forgot to keep trying.

My coworkers are great, and are so kind to remind me of my potential. They honestly believe that one day I could run the place! Yet, I feel so mediocre. My friends, family, and coworkers believe in me, yet I keep failing to get a job that I truly want.

I’ve been applying and interviewing for new jobs since my realization a few months ago. I also keep getting rejected. Not to mention, I’ve lost track of what I really want to do anymore. I’m in a rut.

Each interview I have done has asked me the same question, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Well shoot, I don’t even know where I see myself next month! However, I give them all a different answer about how I see myself successfully growing with their company in whatever department I happened to apply for.

What do I want to do with my life? Music? Video Games? Fashion? Film again? Writing?


I love writing. I would be happy with a career in writing. If I weren’t rejected for the social media job earlier for not having blogging experience, I would have never figured this out. I have always enjoyed writing, but I never loved it as much as I have since starting this blog. I’m going to consider that job rejection as a little blessing in disguise.

So now, how does a person go about obtaining a job without prior professional writing experience? Any tips from my lovely readers?


The Death of the Unpaid Internship Is Good for Everyone

This article really hit home for me. I moved to a city with a HUGE student loan debt hoping to find a career I could love. However, I could only find internships that wanted me to work 25-30+ hours a week unpaid. How could I ever afford rent, bills, gas, and a student loan debt? Not to mention, there wasn’t an internship with flexible enough hours to help me find a second job that would pay me for my labor. Additionally, I couldn’t find an internship worthy of my time that didn’t require previous experience. Basically, they wanted me to have experience before gaining experience. Okay, I am done ranting. I hope you find this article as interesting and true as I did!


The instinctive reaction to Condé Nast’s decision to completely discontinue its internship program rather than deigning to pay its interns minimum wage has generally been along the lines of, “Screw you, you cheap bastards.” This isn’t entirely unfair, obviously — the fact that one of America’s biggest publishing companies can’t put its hand in its pocket to pay its entry-level staff isn’t exactly a great reflection on the company or its management. But if others follow suit, the whole sorry business might have at least one unexpected benefit: hastening the end of the unpaid internship system as a whole.

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No wine? Oh my!

CNN.com recently reported that global wine production has fallen by 5%. This news frightened me. I had to pinch myself after reading the article hoping that it was just a bad dream. Unfortunately, it’s real. However, there has been some speculation on whether or not “wine shortage” is too dramatic in describing the industry’s current economy.

NBCnews.com claims that there is plenty of wine to go around, despite certain countries having bad weather conditions that resulted in a loss of some crops. Martha C. White, from NBC News, wrote in her article, “This could mean higher prices for higher-end wines from some appellations, but prices are less likely to rise on cheaper wines…”.

Hallelujah! I can only afford cheap wines, so this comes as great news for myself. For those of you who enjoy having a glass of Bordeaux, you may not be so lucky.

For the heck of it, let’s take a look at what the world would be like if wine was suddenly to experience a major shortage:

1. “Cheap wine” would no longer be cheapMy lovely wine rack

This idea sends a chill down my spine. I would be forced to decide whether a full fridge or full wine rack was more important. Oh wait; I already have an empty fridge and full wine rack. Nevertheless, this is still a terrifying thought for those of us with slim wallets.

2. Wines from certain countries would become rare

If there was a wine shortage due to bad weather, we may see less wines whose grapes all came from the country they are produced in. For example, if France was unable to produce enough grapes, they may be forced to import grapes from, let’s say, the United States. This is assuming that vineyards would prefer to sell mixed grape wines rather than shut down. Sharing is caring, am I right?

3. Restaurants would charge even more on their already overpriced wine selections

I find it ridiculous that a restaurant will charge $7 for a glass of Beringer when I can buy a whole bottle for $4 at the grocery store. However, we may miss being charged $7 if that price rose to $10! People may become more familiar with the term “pre-game“.

4. We’ll start hiding our wine when our friends come over

Remember in high school when a kid would open up a pack of gum and everyone hoarded around and begged for a piece too? Enough said.

Fellow wine-lovers, let’s use this news as an excuse to buy more wine and enjoy it more often. We never know how long it may last!

What do you think would happen? Share your ideas below!

Daily Prompt: Conflicted

I often times find myself dragged into other people’s conflicts. The reason for this is my cool-headed approach to many problems. People fail to realize that getting upset over an issue is unnecessary, and if handled appropriately, anything can be solved. Humans need to learn to just let things go. Many people expect other people and things to change, when really, change usually must come from within. Adapt!