Why Companies Should Utilize Vine

Trending social media platform

If you haven’t made an account on Vine yet, I highly recommend that you do. This new video sharing app offers hours of entertainment 6 seconds at a time. Not to mention, some users have even become “Vine famous”. If you’re witty and charming, you may have what it takes. With a new social media platform on the rise, should businesses also be making accounts?


6 seconds is all it takes to get a message across to a society with a decreasing attention span. It’s also free to post! Production put into making the short video may have some costs, but at most it’s very low-budget. Take a look at Trident’s vine post marketing Trident Layers:


Since this app is relatively new, it has not yet been overwhelmed by larger companies, like Facebook and Twitter already have. Getting a head start will make you a pioneer in the new social media platform.

Brand advocates

Social media has made it easier than ever to find and establish brand advocates. Viewers can “like” and “share” your videos with all of their followers, making it simple to reach a larger audience. I also believe that companies can gain more brand advocates by creating contests on Vine that require contestants to make their own short video in relation to their company and/or product. Consumers like to feel a connection with companies. Connecting by videos can do so much more than plain text or pictures. The best part, 6 second vine videos hardly even feel like advertisements to viewers. Rather, it feels like entertainment


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