9 Not-So-Guilty Pleasures


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We all have had those days that were so ugly we found ourselves stuck in a slump over an extended period of time. For me, those days usually begin at work. I go in with a great attitude that I will get a lot done and really accomplish something, and then something bad happens (a coworker gets too deep into your business, instructions aren’t clearly communicated and cause you to mess up a project, your boss delivers bad news, etc.). Whatever the situation is, you are so beaten down that you never want to try hard at your job ever again. It happens to the best of us.

These are the times where we turn to the simple pleasures in life. Our guilty pleasures that reaffirm, if only for a moment, that everything will be okay. I believe that we shouldn’t feel guilty about these pleasures. They help us keep our sanity, do no harm, and make us feel normal again.

1. Playing your favorite song on repeat.

It’s completely normal to have a song that grabs at you so much that you feel it was actually written for you. That song that you blast in your car and sing to at the top of your lungs while picturing yourself on stage in front of a roaring audience. For a moment, you feel like a rock star. Go ahead, play it again!

2. Movie marathons.

I’ve been known to spend all day in my pajamas watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Nothing beats snuggling up on the couch and re-living Frodo’s treacherous journey to Mordor with his devoted friend Samwise Gamgee and feeling your heart race in fear as the fellowship of the ring are battling Sauron’s army (even though you know how it will end).  Whatever your movie choice may be, feel free to indulge in it sometime.

3. Having your cake and eating it too.

Literally, have that piece of cake (or brownie, pie, etc.) you eye every time you’re at the grocery store shopping for healthy things to eat for the week. When I’m having a bad day, I make a stop at the cupcake food trailer and order a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Enjoy it and the sensational flavors that send your taste buds to heaven and back.

4. Cooking a meal from a recipe you found on the Internet.

Most of you would be lying if you said you never saw a recipe on Pinterest and thought, “I bet I could make that!” So, give it a try. Make that fancy dinner or divine dessert that makes you feel like a professional in the kitchen. If you’re like me, you end up with a messy kitchen and a blob of food that looks NOTHING like the picture.  But, maybe you have better skills than I do. Conquer that recipe!

5. Snuggling your pet.

There are times when I hug my cat and talk to her like she actually understands what I’m saying, giving her way more attention than she would actually like. WE ALL HAVE! On a bad day, it feels good. Interaction with an animal can be a really positive thing, and you shouldn’t feel weird if for that moment, you feel that your pet is the only one who can make any and all bad feelings go away.

6. Face-timing a friend or family member.

You’re separated by distance, and you need someone to vent to or talk about a topic other than your current problem. Phone calls work, but it’s even better to see their face, even if it’s on a screen. I’ll often face time with my mother, sharing wine time and getting advice I would have rejected 10 years ago during my rebellious teenage years.

7. Cleaning your apartment (or house).

My boyfriend finds it therapeutic to turn on some music and clean up the apartment when everything else in life is a mess. That accomplished feeling you get when you stand up and see that everything is sparkling clean makes all the work well worth it. Turn it up and start cleaning!

8. Dressing up for no reason at all.

What’s the special occasion? You! Whenever I need a confidence boost, I dress up for a day. I throw on my high heel boots, skinny jeans, and flowing top and hit the town. Feeling like a million bucks is sometimes enough to get you out of an emotional rut. It’s also been known to help motivate people to be better at certain aspects of their life, mostly in their profession.

9. Having a moment of solitude. 

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

You wake up, pour some coffee, and decide to step outside for a moment. The air is cool, the birds are singing, and you are smiling. You know in that moment, that everything will be okay. You are a strong person, and you know that no matter what happens, it will all work out.

In conclusion, do whatever it takes to make you feel better. Indulge in simple pleasures and always remember – it will all be okay.

Feel free to comment with some of the simple pleasures you indulge in below!


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